RCI - Resorts Condominiums International

Travel the World with TaraNova and RCI!

Some members that bank with RCI, are also benefiting from the trade value of their TaraNova week and exchanging into other resorts with less trade value. The member benefits by retaining some trade value to be used for an additional vacation. RCI also allows you to combine weeks for higher trade value.

Whether you want a quiet get-a-way; a family ski trip; miles of sand beach or a spin of the wheel in Las Vegas - Your TaraNova membership allows you the benefit of depositing weeks for exchange into RCI and the ability to Travel the World!

RCI is the largest exchange company in the world! After experiencing the RCI advantages almost all TaraNova members continue on as RCI members for a low annual fee. RCI provides members with an ID number and a huge "on-line wish book" - a directory of resorts, listing resorts worldwide and the services that you can use.

All resorts listed in the RCI book must maintain the high standards of RCI affiliation. The resorts are continually rated by RCI and only those that meet or surpass the criteria are designated as a RCI resort.

RCI is so simple to use. Send your request in writing to TaraNova to bank your week(s). TaraNova will bank (deposit) the best available 2 bedroom, week into your RCI account. From there, you just call RCI and commence a search on for the location/date of your desired location. (Subject to availability, TaraNova reserves the right to deposit 3 bedroom units at the complete and sole discretion of TaraNova).

For those members that have their own RCI "POINTS" membership, you must first deposit a week into the regular RCI membership and then transfer that week to your POINTS membership subject to RCI POINTS rules, regulations and fees. RCI will transfer the TaraNova week into your POINTS account. The "trade value" will be in line with the trading power for weeks then currently being deposited into members' weeks RCI accounts for that specific year and will be at the complete and sole discretion of TaraNova. Remember that all TaraNova members that are RCI POINTS members, are entitled to a 2 bedroom unit for deposit into their RCI POINTS account.

Regions Include:

  • Virtually all of the USA
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Bermuda, Bahamas and the Caribbean
  • Central and South America
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Australia and New Zealand
  • Portugal, Spain and the Canary Islands


  1. It is the largest exchange organization in the world for facilitating your exchange from TaraNova time (week(s)) to time in almost any resort in the world.
  2. RCI provides a space banking pool. If you don't plan to utilize your TaraNova time (week(s)) in any given year then you deposit this time (1 week or more) in a "bank"; then you have up to two years from the travel date of the deposit to travel on exchange.
  3. If you prepay your dues in TaraNova you can even deposit weeks up to two years in advance into the RCI system. This gives you an advantage on the "trading power" of your week.
  4. RCI offers spur-of-the-moment travelers an Instant Exchange option.
  5. RCI offers a "CRUISE PROGRAM". Use your TaraNova week for accommodations on a Cruise Ship.
  6. Membership is based on a calendar year and includes four* annual issues of Endless Vacations - a special magazine for RCI members. Check each issue for "Specials" available to RCI members. (*RCI may increase or decrease the number of Endless Magazines issued each year).
  7. RCI offers extra weeks, in addition to your TaraNova weeks
  8. RCI has a full service Travel Agency that can provide special rates on car rentals and hotel rooms; travel insurance, special vacation packages, best possible airfare at the time of booking, and MUCH, MUCH MORE.
  9. You pay an exchange fee upon requesting a search. In the event that RCI is not successful in obtaining your desired location, you may request to have the exchange fee refunded to you, or keep the funds on hand at RCI for your next exchange request. You may also purchase a Guest Certificate if you plan to allow someone else to utilize your week.
  11. Read your "Endless Vacation Magazine" for information on special rates, specials and discounts for RCI members.

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