TaraNova Through the Eyes of Our Members

Our member love to share their experiences and their photo's. Some of the descriptive words they continually use to describe their TaraNova club are:

  • Ethical Business Practices
  • Outstanding
  • Fabulous
  • Amazing
  • Total Flexibility
  • Best Service
  • Innovative Concept
  • Opportunity of a Life Time
  • Breath of Fresh Air
  • Affordable
  • Total Variety
  • Greatful
  • Unbelievable Support Staff

Read their stories and experience for yourself the wonderful world of TaraNova.

by Daphine R. Ames

That's how you made my daughter feel....."An experience of a lifetime" were her exact words. As a wedding gift, I traded in a TaraNova week for her honeymoon. Jenny, at TaraNova. pitched in immediately to help make this a most memorable occasion for her... one week on a luxurious houseboat.

When I say luxury, I mean Luxury... (perfect for star gazing, romance and champagne). According to the resort's brochure, it cost $7,500 per week for the same boat.... This is just one of the many reasons why I personally appreciated being a member of the TaraNova............

by James O'Sullivan

Freedon 55, Independently wealthy! What do you think of when you hear these phrases? Boy, those people are lucky, I wish that was me or someday that will be me! .... After attending many high pressured timesharing meetings across the country from Las Vegas to Florida to Collingwood, I realised what I wanted. I needed flexibility, affordability and variety, Well!

TaraNova came along - a variety of Resorts in prime locations to visit flextime! A big bonus! And connections to the biggest resorts Exchanges in the world, RCI. I couldn't resist. I became a TaraNova member and have enjoyed many timesharing vacations. I have used the benefits of RCI to the fullest. Truely an investment that will help me enjoy my freetime and vacation time up to and through my "Freedom 55". Thank you, TaraNova!

by Don and June Francis

So far we have traveled to the Canary Islands, Tahiti and Australia......because we are members of TaraNova we are able to travel world wide through RCI.... You only have to visit one of the resorts to see where the money goes: well manicured landscapes, excellent furnishings, breath taking ocean views, free resort facilities and entertainment. Each of the condo's (which slept 4-6) were fully equipped and we were treated like royalty by all the staff.

We prefer to make our own hotel/air reservations rather than using "package deals". We've proven over and over again that we save more money and collect air miles to use on future trips. By using TaraNova we are able to travel when we want to go and we're not fixed into a certain week each year.

In the beginning we were hesitant to purchase a membership but the staff at TaraNova worked very hard to come up with a plan that was just right for our budget. TaraNova membership is included in our will and we can use it as collateral because it is an investment. TaraNova keeps us well informed of meetings, changes in policies and further purchase incentives. We will eventually buy another week or two, but for now we're enjoying what we have totally.

by Pat and Lisa Moroney

We invested in a membership.... It has proven to be one of the best investments we have made as a couple. We had an amazing St Martin.... Most couples, after spending an astronomical amout of money on ther honeymoon, cannot affort to vacation again for many years. Not so with us.

By investing in TaraNova we have managed to travel to TaraNova's Lake Tahoe Resort twice and return to St. Martin for a second honeymoon. All this in the first two years of marriage. Next summer, we are planning a trip to TaraNova's New Hampshire property. We are so pleased with our investment and are looking forward to visiting all of the Club's other locations......

by Scott Michelle Siemon

It's a benefit for us to pick up the phone and travel to our different resorts knowing that we have our fully equipped rooms, with enough beds, and everything you want... your personnel in the office for information regarding the different resorts and the updates on the prices for green fees.... the information from the newsletter of how the club is doing, who the officers and directors are and the way it is set up so that we can get involved....I really enjoy talking to Rosanne, she really gets the information across quickly. Thank you and good luck in years to come.........

by Jerusha Konopka

We've had our membership for five great years, and what fun it has been! My whole family, mom, dad and three brothers, love the wide variety and choices you give us. It seems you've got everything!

The best place I've been so far is Costa Rica. The jungles and hot springs made it a great vacation, not to mention the great accommodations at Villas Palmas....Another great place we always stay is Attitash Mountain Village. We stay in a condo right at the base of Attitash Mountain. They have an indoor pool with a hot tub inside and outside. It is a cool experience to roll in the snow then jump in the hot tub!....

With all the advantages we get with TaraNova's vacations, it might seem that we need a lot of money. Instead we get large accommodations for small prices, and if we get tired of the same places we can trade with RCI for a new destination.

In the five years that we've had this membership our vacations have been nothing less than great fun, with tons of things to do. On behalf of the whole family, we give our thanks and hope to keep our membership for a long time. It's always great to be able to take a break from all the work and just be able to relax in one of TaraNova's amazing getaways.

by Michael P. Sudbury

If you enjoy visiting new and different places, enjoy outdoor activities such as swinmming, tennis, golf, skiing, hiking, cycling or if you had just wanted to hole up for rest and recuperation, or to focus on a special project in attractive surroundings, with room when need for friends and family, prefer to avoid frequent relocation, like day trips from a single base with a comfortable place to relax in the evening, and want to accomplish this in a simple and economical manner, then the TaraNova Vacation Club is ideal.

The Club has the additional advantage that it is directed by the members for the members.... Every member has an opportunity to have a say in the running of the Club, to review and comment on the Annual Report and to meet fellow members.

by Gerry & Blanche Keating

Prior to being a member, we would habitually travel to Florida for our family holidays, and many times our holidays were a disappointment because of our accommodations. Belonging to TaraNova has given us the assurances of comfortable accommadations and we have been given new locations.

Our last trip, we went to Kimberling City, Missouri for two weeks, thru RCI, to take in the shows in Branson. Upon our arrival we had a lovely and comfortable condo and we were pleasantly surprised by the beautiful scenery around Table Rock Lake. When leaving, after two weeks, we were still in awe by the scenery...

We have taken other trips since being a member of TaraNova such as Whistler Mountain BC and numerous trips to Florida. And soon we will have our grandchildren experience Walt Disney, in Kissimmee, Florida with us during the March Break. We are beginning plans for our next holidays, possibly to Europe.

by Danny Visentin & Jean Ingram

Perhaps it is the sight of palm tree leaves wistfully blowing around while you are having your favourite drink by the pool in Villas Palmas in Costa Rica or Imperial Lakes in Florida. How about at the top of the mountain just before you begin your ski run down at Lake Tahoe or New Hampshire Resort. We don't need to go to both seasonal extremes, how about the golf course at Myrtle Beach in the spring or autumn time... A breath of fresh air also brings the images of stability.

Vacation or timeshare has received many bad press releases over the years. It's refreshing to know that TaraNova and RCI were not subject to one of those articles, nor do they deserve to be. Like all good companies, there are growing pains. It is how we deal with it that separates the good companies from the bad ones. Stability knowledge, desire and strong ethics from management and its members have made this a reliable and strong company whose best years are still to come.

The benefits the members receive from the hard work of management, the Board of Governors and from our own members at large should not be overlooked. For without their dedication, the benefits we derive from vacationing at various resorts around the world cannot be achieved.

So as you are trying to par that next hole, sinking another quarter in a slot machine, white water rafting or just lazing around any one of a hundred pools or beaches available with that favourite drink in one hand, a book in the other, relax and enjoy, because everything around you is operating the way you would like it to be. And don't forget to take in that wonderful breath of fresh air.

by George and Francis Mann

We enjoyed the chance to meet and chat with a number of visitors to Villas Palmas from across Canada and the USA. One couple, who had spent a week there last year, spoke of the upgrades that have been done. On their invitation we viewed that unit as well as others during the weekend change-over. We also now understand the personnel changes made at Villas Palmas and very much appreciated the opportunity to meet with Erick Soto the new manager. He certainly left us with an impression of earnestness and eagerness to have Villas Palmas function as a first rate vacation facility.

by Ken and Jessie Jessop

We recently returned from a week's vacation at Attitash Mountain Resort in New Hampshire. This is our third trip to this resort and the first time to stay in Blueberry Village. We found the accommodations excellent for two couples, the place was clean and in good repair and the few maintenance problems we had were dealt with promptly. The Mount Washington Valley was at its peak for the colours and the weather could not have been nicer for this time of year. We enjoy the shopping, sight-seeing and restaurants in the Noth Conway and Conway area. Looking forward to many more enhoyable vacations with TaraNova.

by Joanne Whelan

We have just returned from a vacation week at Attitash Mountain Village. What a beautiful fall experience for us.... We do enjoy the spacious units with Club TaraNova ....

FROM RCI – A letter to TaraNova!

TaraNova-Tahoe Summit has been named as an RCI RESORT OF INTERNATIONAL DISTINCTION for 2003. This award is presented in recognition of your outstanding resort facilities and services. You and your staff are to be commended for your strong commitment to quality and service.

TaraNova-Tahoe Summit has been selected to join this group of resorts based on a 12-month compilation of exchange guest assessments that include: resort quality, service delivery and overall vacation experience.

RCI values our partnership with you. This award program is part of our commitment to strengthening that partnership in order to meet and exceed the vacation expectations of your owners, guests and RCI members.

Again, congratulations to you and your entire staff from all of us at RCI. Thank you for sharing an ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction and for your dedication to a growing and vibrant timeshare industry.

Best wishes for continued success! Sincerely,

Frank Morrisroe, President

North America Global Business Group.

Congratulations David and Linda Creamer! You are the WINNERS of a $50.00 Dinner voucher at a restaurant of your choice. We love to hear from our members. Just mail, fax or e-mail letting us know about your vacation and we will enter your name into the draw. You too may be treated to dinner compliments of TARANOVA!

…Having just returned from my second vacation week, this time in New Hampshire, I wanted to write to let you know how much I have enjoyed the first two years of this wonderful prize. In 2001 I took two sisters and three nieces for a "Girls Only" week in Florida and we all loved it. The rooms were more than spacious enough for the six of us and had amenities that we really appreciated, especially the fully equipped kitchen and the laundry room. We mentioned when checking in that we needed a crib for one of the children and before we had unloaded our suitcases someone was there to set up the crib. Our trip to New Hampshire was equally enjoyable. Again, we found the accommodations terrific, and were able to make use of many of the special features of the resort. Another thing I’ve been impressed with, in this world of lax or nonexistent customer service, is the friendly and helpful staff at TaraNova. Thank you Teresa and Rosanne. At the time I won the prize, I was more than a little skeptical. It seemed too good to be true. After two years I can finally relax and say, "As good as it sounds, the reality is even better!" Regards, Karen O’Connor

Dear Teresa: I am certain that you receive letters from our members regarding the wonderful service that Rosanne provides to us all. She has always been very cheerful and willing to assist in any way she can. I would like to tell you what she had done for us……….You might very well be aware of this incident of ours but I want to recognize Rosanne by letting you know how grateful we are to her. She should be commended for her efforts.. She truly is a wonderful asset to your office and our vacation group. She should feel very proud of herself for the service she offers, as should everyone at TaraNova. Please let her know and thank you to everyone at TaraNova. Sincerely, David Creamer

To Julie, Greetings: This is our Costa Rica Report!………..The staff at the Villas was most helpful and accommodating even to doing a small amount of clothes drying gratis and some dish washing when we left too early to do it ourselves. The tours were most rewarding and Marc, Mario and Arturo were excellent. Tours were as described and while the bus could have had softer seats the trips were entertaining and informative. We traveled to all of the "recommended" destinations and thoroughly enjoyed each one, although the trip to both volcanoes left us still wondering what the bottom of a crater looked like. We could spend a few hours again at Tabacon Hot springs, it was super! It is a great jumping off place for tours etc. and only a short ride into downtown san Jose where one could enjoy a memorable day or two at the central market. That’s it. Thanks for a great trip. Regards, Dick & Isabell Randall

Richard and I are back from Seawatch Landing in Myrtle Beach. As always we enjoyed ourselves despite the rather cool temperatures on some of the days…..The staff at Seawatch are just as accommodating and pleasant to deal with as they always are and took great pains to get us a teapot for my parents who drink lots of tea! Thank you Rosanne for your patience when trying to find us a suitable week. This year we plan to book our week well in advance. Regards from both of us. Richard and Glynis Harbour

Eric and I had such a great time at Attitash Mountain, and it was our first visit, that we would really like to go again next year. The fall colours were just amazing let alone the hiking trails.

Sandra DiFalco and Eric Lartz