Letters from Members

Congratulations Christine M. The WINNER of an RCI week!!!

We love to hear from our members. Just mail, fax or e-mail telling us about your vacation. We will enter your name into the draw. You too may win a week into your RCI account courtesy of TARANOVA!

Dear Teresa,
I just wanted to take a moment to commend the service I just received on the telephone with one of your employees. Her name is Rosanne. From the start of our conversation, she exuded such elegance and grace on the telephone. She listened carefully and was so professional ... thank you for making my day Rosanne ... you are indeed an asset to Taranova! ... Rookmin M.

Dear TaraNova
As always, I have enjoyed staying at clubs associated with TaraNova and RCI. Thank you for your assistance in making these vacations so memorable ... Sincerely Christin M.

See below for feedback on the New TaraNova Guest Certificate issued to Members:

Dear Pam: Lovely! That's new :) It makes it so much more like a gift thank you! Best Regards, ...Mary-Ann R.

Hi Teresa, I am in the process of booking a vacation for my family, requiring 3 units in the summer of 2015. Needing more trading power, I would like to pay my 2015 week maintenance fee ASAP and deposit it into RCI immediately thereafter. I need to know the exact amount due and the quickest method of payment. If you can help me with this today I would REALLY appreciate it as I am told that time is of the essence ... Toni M. After the weeks were banked ... Thanks so much Rosanne ... Toni M.

Editor's Note: We were able to quickly process the member's payment and deposit the weeks into their RCI account. We also sent the message "Please note, that when we spoke I mentioned that if you need any more weeks "value", let me know as we do have some bonus weeks that you may be able to use."

For more information on "extra value bonus weeks" please contact rosanne@taranova.com.

Spring 2012 Letters Section:

Congratulations Louise Pan, the WINNERS of an RCI week!!! We love to hear from our members. Just mail, fax or e-mail telling us about your vacation. We will enter your name into the draw. You too may win a week into your RCI account courtesy of TARANOVA!

Don’t forget we have a section on our website to display your pictures. Just go to www.taranova.com and click on “Membership” then click on “Member Photos”. If you have any pictures that you wish to share with other TaraNova members, please send a message to club@taranova.com and attach your pictures in jpg format. In order to protect our computer system, you must send us a message on your e-mail cover noting your name and membership number or we will not be able to open the attachment!!!

One of our members had sent a letter to a different travel company that she was unhappy with and in that letter she spoke about TaraNova …..…This is in sharp contrast to my experience with TaraNova. In all my dealings with TaraNova they have been unfailingly polite and helpful. They have always responded to any phone call or email from me. They were terrific at helping to arrange a special anniversary gift week for my parents as well as some other weeks outside the TaraNova properties through RCI. In short, they have been fantastic.

Yours truly, Karen O’Connor

Pam: We continue to enjoy our membership with TaraNova and look forward to many wonderful vacations as more and more locations throughout the world become available to visit. Andrew & Frances Mortiboys

Transfer of Ownership:

Rosanne, …my Ad in the Globe & Mail finally brought someone that wants to take over my time share….Since my husband’s death…..we didn’t travel at all… With my good faith over the years - I am putting this application in your hands….You are very good at what you do and TaraNova is lucky to have you be so passionate in what you do for them….thanks again.

(Private information in the letter has been omitted)

Pam: Lakeland - This is the best vacation we’ve had since joining; to just get away and relax. Very nice. Can’t wait till next year. Eva Schmidt & Malcolm MacLean

Thank you for such a speedy response. I’ve never seen the “Did you Know” information. My husband says he gets stuff from you but doesn’t share it with me. Can you add my email to your mail out list? I am very appreciative of your courtesy & consideration as well as your understanding of our situation. …..Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks again

Send us all your e-mail addresses as we do not want to leave you without all your TaraNova information. Send both TaraNova and RCI any up-dated telephone numbers and address changes.


Teresa, I normally don’t write reviews, however the tours from your company* deserve a review. We have vacationed all over the world and taken many tours. I have to say the tours with Chris are at the top of the list. Chris went out of his way to ensure we saw everything and his knowledge is unsurpassed. The best tour by far was the Poas Volcano & Waterfall Garden tour. The view of the volcano was great and the tour through the garden was more than anyone could expect. The Selva Verde Rain Forest & Boat Safari was very good also.

On both tours Chris explained everything and pointed out all the sights. Whatever you do please don’t lose Chris because he is definitely your most valuable asset. Chris loves his job and really shows through when he was telling us about all the different things on the tours.

*The tour operator at Villas Palmas is Sol Tropical. They will arrange to pick you up free of charge and will be able to assist you in all your Costa Rica tour needs. We regularly receive thank you notes from guests at Villas Palmas and they all say their tour operator is the best!! Sol Tropical (sol@tropi.com) will always do their very best to serve you!

Thank you very much Rosanne, your understanding is very much appreciated. I’m sure you have been told this many times, you and the TaraNova team are the easiest and most understanding of any group I have even been in communication with. Your service is always impeccable; you are all to be commended on an always outstanding job!!!

Sincerest Regards, Ian

To TaraNova Members;

Thank you for continuing to send in your Resort Reports. We thank you for letting us know about the units and service. We take all the information and contact the resorts with respect to anything that may be able to enhance your stay. The resorts have on-going maintenance and upgrading. However, replacing TV’s, appliances etc. are done on an ‘as is needed” basis to help keep your maintenance costs as low as possible. We had a request for a 3rd TV in each unit but that would not be cost effective at this time.

Letters Fall 2011


When I purchased my membership it was for a 2-bedroom unit that would sleep 6 people. I was very pleased when I went to Costa Rica and found that we had 3 bedrooms in a large 2-storey unit.

All TaraNova memberships are for a minimum of 2-bedroom units that sleep 6. Each of the TaraNova units does fulfill these requirements. However, we also have 3-bedroom units, which if available, are provided to our members without any additional cost.

What does “Deposit Trading Power” mean and how is it better for me than the old way of exchanging through RCI?

You now have more flexibility. You will now be able to see the exact Deposit Trading Power of your week and compare it to the Trading Power of the resort you wish to go to. You may search for vacations of equal or less Trading Power. If you exchange for a resort with “Lower Trading Power” you will receive a Deposit Credit back to your account. Use that Deposit credit toward a second vacation or save for future use. You may combine your Deposit Credit with another Deposit to exchange for a vacation that has a higher Exchange Trading Power. Once you deposit your week, your Deposit Trading Power will not go down. The earlier you deposit your TaraNova week, the better Deposit Trading Power you will receive. Always check with RCI for current rules, regulations and fees.

I deposited a 2-bedroom week, but RCI offered me a 1-bedroom. I wanted the resort and really only needed a 1-bedrom, but why didn’t I get a 2-bedroom?

When you are requesting a unit through RCI, it will offer you anything that comes up in the resort or location that you have requested. Make sure you know the size of your unit and any other specifics you require. For example: You may need a bath for the kids - not just a shower, or you might need elevators or handicap accessibility. Please check before you confirm your reservation that all your requirements have been satisfied. Some of our members have been able to secure larger units through RCI with a 2-bedroom deposit and have taken extended family on vacations. Now with Trading Power Value, you can see exactly what you may be able to confirm with your deposit. Check to see if you have “Deposit Credits” left over and use them for another vacation!

Why should I pay the “Search Fee” if they don’t have anything for me at the time of request? If I pay the Search Fee does that mean I pay a Search Fee and Exchange Fee.

If you pay the Search Fee you will open an Ongoing Search and RCI will continue looking to find you what you requested 24/7 and you will be on file when an exchange is found. If a match is made, the Search Fee is then converted to the “Exchange Fee” so you do not pay twice. If no match is found that satisfies you, RCI will refund the Search Fee.

Letters from Members Spring 2011

Congratulations Peter & Anne Maley the WINNERS of an RCI week!!! We love to hear from our members. Just mail, fax or e-mail telling us about your vacation. We will enter your name into the draw. You too may win a week into your RCI account courtesy of TARANOVA!

We have our new section on our website to display your pictures. Just go to www.taranova.com and click on “Membership” then click on “Member Photos”. If you have any pictures that you wish to share with other TaraNova members, please send a message to club @taranova.com and attach your pictures in jpg format. In order to protect our computer system, you must send us a message on your e-mail cover noting your name and membership number or we will not be able to open the attachment!!!

Hello: Hope you have had a wonderful summer. Anne and I are very happy to get one week at Attitash for next summer. It is our favorite place to go. Our entire family have hundreds of happy memories from there. I can hardly wait till Anne is retired so we can go in the off summer time. I would like to bank our remaining week to RCI. We have 4 weeks banked and it is a worry that we will loose them as we Just can't find the right situation to use them. Next March we booked one week in the Bahamas. It might be a bit cool, but that was all we could get during March Break. Thanks again for all you do. Yours truly, Peter Maley

Note from Editor: Please call RCI if you have weeks that are expiring as you may be able to extend the week for future use.

Hi Teresa--my sister and I had a great time in Costa Rica. Thank you again for all the information. I had such a wonderful time that I wanted to go back sooner than later. I just confirmed an exchange with my other timeshare back to Villas Palmas in the first week of May. I understand that May is the start of the rainy season. Does the rain cool things down or simply make things humid? It looks like the average temps are in the mid-80's during the day. Also, will I need to pay the utility fee since I am an owner? Or will this not apply since I used my other timeshare to book a week there? Thank you. –Robyn

Dear Robyn: I am so pleased that you enjoyed your visit to Costa Rica. The rain sometimes cools the temperature down but it can also get humid. Unfortunately, you will have to pay the utility charge since you are exchanging into the resort. TaraNova members have utility charges included in their maintenance fees. Since you are a member of TaraNova and have used your 2011 week, you would have the opportunity to purchase an additional rental week at Villas Palma for $599 US which would include the utility charge. Please check to find out how much you paid for the week you are using to exchange plus the exchange fee and utility charge. It may be worth your while to purchase the rental week directly from us. Please call Pam if you which to purchase the additional week.


We have informed you before, but feel it necessary to advise you again of the following alert!


Does this sound familiar? You were contacted by a company stating they had a signed offer to buy your membership but that you would just have to send in a retainer and transfer fee. Or, you were contacted inviting you to attend a meeting because they can guarantee to transfer your membership to a resale company for a fee.


On February 5, 2010 RCI sent out an advisory that stated:

These third party entities may offer to assist in the sale or rental of owners’ timeshare interests for an upfront fee, or they may invite an owner to attend an informational dinner to discuss updates to RCI exchange programs”. “RCI also has been informed that certain resale service providers are offering to sell an owner’s timeshare (including RCI members) and thereby relieve the owner of her or his ongoing maintenance fee obligations, in exchange for upfront fees and execution of a power of attorney to sell the owner’s timeshare. Owners receiving such offers may wish to consult with an attorney and/or their resort to confirm that a transfer of ownership and the corresponding maintenance fee obligation will occur as represented and any resulting sale or rental will be honored.”

Please follow RCI’s advice and contact TaraNova before you attend or sign ANY paperwork. In order to protect our member base, TaraNova transfer papers MUST be fully executed. TaraNova must approve all sales and/or transfers.

Letters Fall 2010

Here are some letters from our members that visited our Myrtle Beach Resort “SeaWatch Landing”

I wanted to write to you and let you know how grateful I am for everything your team has done for me and to tell you that I had the best vacation ever.

I only joined the club a year ago and the girls in the office were fabulous helping me arrange my trip and understanding how everything works. I took my first Time Share trip to Myrtle Beach in July. Because I had two weeks, i was able to plan a family vacation using 2 rooms at the SeaWatch. I have never had the opportunity to take my grandchildren anywhere outside Ontario, but because of the low cost of the accommodation, and the fact that the property is within driving distance, I was able to do so. I took my son, his wife, and 3 grandchildren, and my daughter's 4 children (she couldn't go as she just had another baby in July). The children ages 3 to 15 have never traveled outside Ontario. Very often during the week of our stay, my heart burst with joy. The look on their faces when they first entered their rooms at SeaWatch was priceless and brought immense JOY to my heart. Their first splash in the ocean and the joy and pleasure that was apparent in their faces and their actions, again brought tears to my eyes. My grandchildren may never again be able to travel with me or their parents so I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for your help and for having a fabulous property in Myrtle Beach that offered my family an opportunity they may never experience again. …

I can go on and on about what a great time everyone had, but I will stop now. I just wanted to share our experience with you all and again say thank you. I must soon decide what to do next summer, and look forward to the assistance I know your team will provide when I am ready to discuss options. Because I bought this timeshare from TaraNova, I was given the JOY every grand-parent deserves. Seeing pleasure, joy, awe on the faces of those we love.

Thank you. Pam Caldwell

Dear Rosanne & Teresa: We had a great time in “Myrtle Beach. We stayed in unit #403 which has three bedrooms and is very close to the size of the bungalow what we live in. My sister was very impressed with this unit! She would like to bring her husband next time. We would all like to go back there again in a couple of years. The people running this resort are so friendly!

There is so much to do in Myrtle Beach. We went to an area of shops called “Broadway On the Beach”. We also went to the “Palace Theatre” which is right beside “Broadway on The Beach”. We saw a live show called “Le Grand Cirque Adrenaline”. This show is amazing! We also went to Murrell’s Inlet and walked along the pier. There is also a pier near our resort, which has two bands playing every night plus fireworks. Since it was so hot, we went swimming everyday, either in the pool or in the ocean. (The water was so warm, like bath water!). We all look forward in returning to this resort during the summer of 2012.

Sincerely yours, Carol Lantz and John Stewart

Hi There: …I'd like to tell you about SeaWatch Landing in South Myrtle Beach. We were very pleased with the 3 bedroom unit which had 2 full baths plus a 2 piece, full kitchen & a dining room. Also, the large master bedroom had it's own sitting room & TV. It would be great for a family. I noticed there was an arcade close by, souvenir shops & some restaurants too but the area is seasonal so most venues were still closed for the winter & were opening in a few weeks. Grocery shopping (lots of bargains), & very nice restaurants were a 5 minute drive up the road. We enjoyed walks on the beach, (a 5 minute walk away), cycling in the area & just relaxing. (If you call watching the Olympics & cheering for our athletes relaxing). The weather was not the greatest but you can't do anything about that & besides, it's crazy all over this year. We were prepared for anything, but sadly, the shorts & sandals didn't get to see the light of day this time. Marilyn & Ron Lott

Letters: Fall 2009

Congratulations! Laura and Brian Boucher are the WINNERS of a Week (free maintenance) deposited into their RCI account to be used within the next year. We love to hear from our members. Just mail, fax or e-mail letting us know about your vacation and we will enter your name into the draw. You too may also enjoy a week compliments of TARANOVA!

A new section on the website will soon enable TaraNova to showcase your pictures that have been sent to TaraNova by e-mail. Any narrative of the pictures, including names and places must be sent with the pictures as a PDF file. We are eagerly waiting to view your pictures.

Once again – a fantastic holiday………Eva Schmidt

Rosanne, Thanks for all your help and communication throughout the year..Brenton Chen.

We received a Resort Report from our member Mr. Richardson suggesting that we add the fact that the location of Attitash Mountain Village is 3 miles East of Bartlett. ditors Note: Thank you – we have noted this on the confirmation sheet.

After you have checked in to your unit, if you have any concerns, questions or problems, immediately contact the front desk so they may assist you. If you have any recommendations please send them to us as we appreciate your feedback.

Rosanne and the TaraNova Staff:


Our trip to Myrtle Beach this May was fantastic, AGAIN…It was Bike Week and my son and a friend of his rode their Harleys down and it was great that we were able to put them up in the 3 bedroom with us and some of the rest of our family. Some other members of the family were staying in our 2 bedroom unit and we all had a wonderful time. Some of them were golfers and some of them were Harley riders, the rest of us kept them fed (thanks to the kitchen and BBQ facilities) and the fact the grocery store is so close we could just run out and get anything and everything we needed, and the dishwashers cleaned up….The beach area with so many fun things to do was within walking distance. Everything was wonderful.

The Staff at SeaWatch always greet us like we are family and have been away, and really make us feel like we will be missed as we are driving away. They welcome us with open arms and have a friendly wave and a “safe drive” for us when we leave. Thank you all again for putting up with all my “possible” last minute problems that I think we might run into when we get there as a group. You always assure me that things will be fine and they always are.

And, the best part, while I was there I was even able to convince my sister she should buy a week and be a member of such a fantastic Vacation organization, and she did. I can’t say thank you enough Rosanne for the time you spent with me wrapping up my sister’s membership.

Thank you, Laura Boucher

Letters: Spring 2009

Congratulations Mark & Elizabeth Tang the WINNERS of an RCI week!!! We love to hear from our members. Just mail, fax or e-mail telling us about your vacation. We will enter your name into the draw. You too may win a week into your RCI account courtesy of TARANOVA!

Hi Rosanne, I just wanted to let you know that my family just spent a week at Vacation Village Weston in Weston, Florida. This resort was beautiful. The 1 bedroom (A) unit was large enough for 4, very clean, modern and well furnished. The pool was huge, the resort staff were very helpful and the location was perfect. This resort deserves its Gold Crown status and we will definitely return. ……………. Chris Porter

TaraNova Vacation Club: …..I enjoyed the Lake Tahoe Summit Village condo very much for my vacation ….It was in excellent condition, is a very pleasant setting, and the weather was beautiful. Thanks,………Jelte Heerema

Dear Rosanne….let me thank you for your help in setting our visit to Attitash in New Hampshire. The unit was excellent and centrally located on the property. The staff at the resort treated us with courtesy and respect during our stay. The area itself is magnificent with areas such as the Cog Railway up Mount Washington, the many excellent restaurants, the first class shopping with the price on the tag being what you pay. The local golf courses were spectacular. On top of everything else, the proximity to the coast made a day trip to Portland Maine both feasible and a pleasure. TaraNova members, if you have not been to Attitash, put it high on your list for the near future…………………………Bunny & Mickey Sandblom

Dear Rosanne Guanabara

My wife and I are members of the TaraNova Vacation Club since 1992. During these 16 years we had visited many destinations, all to our complete satisfaction. But none could compare to Grand Mayan resort, a 25-minut drive from Cancun airport in Mexico…In conclusion, my wife and I were immensely pleased with the first class treatment we received from the staff of the Grand Mayan. We plan to return someday soon………………………………Mark & Elizabeth TANG Note from Editor: The Tang’s letter was full of wonderful adventures they enjoyed each day from the departure in a blizzard, to the wonderful people they encountered, the resort amenities and their days touring Mexico and relaxing at the resort. They also enjoyed a resort presentation tour but decided not to purchase in Cancun. Please remember that TaraNova members enjoy Special Rates for purchasing additional TaraNova memberships!

We received the TaraNova Newsletter today. What a great idea to save on postage and mailing costs!… We have enjoyed many exchanges with RCI and have a week booked for October at Heron Point at Inverness. I never thought we would have difficulty using up all our vacation weeks, but combined with trips west to visit family, a three week trip to Scotland/England (one week with RCI) inspired by our daughter participating in the Edinburgh marathon, we’re having trouble finding enough “spare” time. Who would have thought that retirement could be so busy!……George & Frances MannNote from Editor: We hear from many members who purchased their TaraNova membership to travel with their family and are now enjoying the benefits during their retirement years!

Well I am back and just wanted to give a synopsis of the trip…….I have a very social friend and on Monday she went around to all the units and invited them to a meet and greet on Monday night. She set up games and everyone sat in a circle with their drinks and told about themselves. It was great fun and broke the ice so we all became friendly. On Monday morning Mark arrived with his staff and served breakfast and gave us information not only on the tours, but on a lot of information on Costa Rica. I have to say Mark was great he even lent us a CD player for the group get-togethers because it didn't stop at the meet and greet. One couple celebrated their 50th anniversary so we picked up a cake in San Jose and had yet another party. The tours we took were worth every penny, when we went on the catamaran we saw a whale on the way to the island and dolphins on the way out. I recommend this tour. Two of my friends did the superman (woman) Zip line as they went with 6 men and none of the men did the superman line they only did the tree to tree. The superman zip line is 700 meters at 80 km the two who did it said it was very exciting but a little scary. Well that is it I could go on because I loved Costa Rica and would definitely return. Thanks for all your assistance when I was arranging this and looking forward to the next experience….…..Deanna DeFoe Note from Editor: Sol Tropical, will assist you with all your vacation needs while in Costa Rica - not just your visit to Villas Palmas. Please e-mail Marc at soltropi@yahoo.com to make your Costa Rican vacation an experience to remember!

Hi Rosanne, First of all, thank you for your patience in explaining everything to me, and for helping me organize our vacation plans! It really helps to have you working for us to that we can get exactly what we want. I really appreciated all your help….Nancy Lemiux Note from Editor: TaraNova is always eager to answer any of or questions or assist you in your vacation plans.

Letters: FALL 2008

Congratulations! Mac and Velma Walker are the WINNERS of a Week (free maintenance) deposited into their RCI account to be used within the next year. We love to hear from our members. Just mail, fax or e-mail letting us know about your vacation and we will enter your name into the draw. You too may also enjoy a week compliments of TARANOVA!

Hi Guys,

Just returned from Costa Rica, had a fabulous time. We were at the Villas Palmas Condos, booked by the Tara Nova Club and we were really impressed with the service they provided us. We had a shuttle service to and from the Airport. The tour operators came to the Villas and took us on the various tours for the 5-6 days , to see the volcanoes and the Rainforests and the city tour and other, provided us with meals and we met people from other countries and we had a time of our life. The buses were a lot of fun and comfortable. People were pleasant and hospitable and had a maid service. So we had a real enjoyable and a relaxed holiday, that's what our North American crowd needs when we go on holidays!

Regards, Jewel Panda

Thanks for all the pleasant vacations you have given us over the years. We enjoy your newsletters and hearing from others regarding your vacations. We have found over the years that our Canadian Vacation Club has outshined many of your competitors.

Sherry Kitcher


Just wanted to say Thank you again for your help with our trip to Myrtle Beach, things have turned out perfectly. Thanks again.

Laura Boucher

Hi Rosanne,

We have found a big difference in the trading power with RCI of those late weeks we had banked in 2007 vs. the early weeks in 2008.

Doug Hinchcliffe

(Note: This was part of a letter sent to TaraNova stressing the advantage of EARLY deposit into RCI.)


…..We would appreciate you letting Teresa know that Ann and I are having a great retirement thanks in no small measure to our TaraNova timeshares and the great exchanges we have enjoyed throughout the US of A over the last seven years! We still do 4 weeks of timesharing in November of each year, then end up on Siesta Key at Sarasota, Florida for the next 4 and a half months except for returning to Toronto at Christmas for 10 days. The rest of the year is spent at our cottage in the Muskokas …life is good !!!

Yours truly, Ann & Doug Main


Congratulations Helmut Erichsen and Annette Maggs, the WINNERS of an RCI week!!!

We love to hear from our members. Just mail, fax or e-mail telling us about your vacation.

We will enter your name into the draw. You too may win a week into your RCI account

courtesy of TARANOVA!

Dear Mark,

Jérôme, Julie, Sophie and myself were absolutely delighted with our Christmas holiday vacation in San José. Thanks to you and all the Sol Tropical staff, we spent the most fantastic week doing all the activities you offered. The staff was competent, the drivers courteous and on time.

The volcano and Baldi day turned out to be one of the highlights of our trip; even though the volcano was not visible, we had such a good time at the hot springs that it made up for it. The 26 pools were simply outstanding and the environment so pretty. The day at the beach that you custom-designed for us with the early flight to Manuel Antonio National Park was very enjoyable and exciting. It was absolutely perfect!

We also enjoyed the Poas Volcano and Sarapiqui River Float Adventure. We took a lot of pictures of the hummingbirds and other very colorful birds. As for the Canopy Tour, it was a very unique experience for us all. The guide was friendly and knowledgeable and the rest of the staff too! Louise got really scared on the zip line, although she managed the first one quite well. As fear took over for her, she was assisted on the rest of the lines by travelling in tandem with one of the guides, so she did have a good time too!

Thanks for a fantastic week! We will certainly recommend your services to our friends and family.

Louise, Jérôme, Julie, Sophie.

Hi Rosanne

Just a note to thank you for all your help in securing four units at Imperial Lakes for our recent family reunion. We had twenty family members who traveled to Florida for the event, including one baby. Imperial Lakes turned out to be very family friendly and was a safe place for children.

The units are clean and well equipped and the pool area is great for just lounging around. The staff was great and helpful with any special requests we had (e.g., crib/high chair/connecting units). We were also fortunate enough to get some unseasonably warm weather while we were there (third week in January). In addition to just enjoying the amenities at Imperial Lakes, we were able to visit Disney and Gaterland in Orlando, spent a day at Clearwater Beach and took in an NHL game in Tampa. We have all come back with a lot of great memories and will definitely plan to go back there some time in the future.

Thanks again for your assistance. Annette Maggs

October 2007

Congratulations! Sandra and Clifford Roberts are the WINNERS of a $50.00 Dinner Certificate at a restaurant of your choice. We love to hear from our members. Just mail, fax or e-mail letting us know about your vacation and we will enter your name into the draw. You too may be treated to a dinner compliments of TARANOVA! Please see the back page of TaraNotes for answers to some commonly asked questions!

Dear TaraNova:

This past January I was able to enjoy a trip of a lifetime. My 2 daughters took me to Cabo San Lucas Mexico for my 70th birthday. I have not been on vacation for over 35 years (if you can believe that). I still can not get over the accommodations we had and the resort. We had a 3 bedroom unit. All of us had our own bedroom with our own TV and bathroom. We had a balcony that was ocean front and wrapped around the entire condo. We ordered room service each morning for breakfast and had it on our patio as the sun rose and the cruise ships docked. The unit even had it's own private swimming pool on the balcony. Which I found out later we had one of the only 3 units in the resort that had this. Wow were we lucky. Cabo San Lucas is such a beautiful place to vacation. I felt very safe and the staff at the resort was wonderful. The resort had so many activities and amenities we were never bored. One of my highlights was I went into the ocean for the first time in 35 years with my 2 daughters.

Thank you TaraNova for making this possible. Yours truly, Rosemarie O'Reilly

Dear Rosanne:

I can not thank you enough for the incredible vacation I had at Deerhust Resort in Huntsville this summer. I got the exchange through RCI, which I know is almost impossible to get for that time of the year. It was so relaxing and so beautiful. All the units face the lake. We had a screened in patio overlooking the lake, what a site. The master bedroom had a Juliet balcony also over looking the lake, and including a huge Jacuzzi tub. There were 3 TV's in the unit so we did not fight about what shows to watch. Staying in a condo instead of a hotel room makes such a difference in the quality of the vacation. We were able to cook meals, save money, but also go out for dinners whenever we wanted. The resort had so much to offer, swimming pool, tennis courts, volleyball courts, walking trails, restaurants, a spa and so much more. I would go back in a heartbeat. Thank you again TaraNova for making my summer, actually, I should say my year!

Sincerely, Anne MacIntyre.

Spring 2007

Congratulations Windy & Rick Neal! You are the WINNERS of $50.00 CASH!!!

We love to hear from our members. Just mail, fax or e-mail telling us about your vacation.

We will enter your name into the draw. You too may be a $50.00 winner courtesy of TARANOVA!

TaraNova Lake Tahoe Resort:

This is by far the best of the resorts we have stayed in to date. The staff here were exceptional with our kids. Chrisy in particular was extremely helpful in booking extra activities and her knowledge of the area made some of our excursions beautiful experiences, especially the boat rental. However, the stairs are a bit of an obstacle at first, but by the end of the week the kids and I were running up them. Definitely not for the faint at heart.

Richard & Ruthi Boyd & Family

Hello Rosanne:

We have just returned from French Lick, Indiana, an exchange through RCI. Southern Indiana is beautiful with its rolling hills and huge trees! We visited the Spring Mills State Park, caves and pioneer village, toured the Benedictine Monastery and enjoyed all the little villages in between. Despite all the construction going on in French Lick ((the F.L. Resort Hotel & Casino due to open in November 2006), we were able to drive out frequently to Bloomington, Ferninand and elsewhere, or take a rest and stroll the grounds around the condo. The condo was spacious with its own sauna or Jacuzzi which we enjoyed after each days’ activities. …. Say hello to Teresa and the helpful office staff.

Richard & Clynis Harbour

To Teresa:

…….We have enjoyed all our vacations at the TaraNova resorts and are happy to see that the units are constantly being updated. Thanks again for all your help to us.

Ken & Jessie Jessop

In August 2006 we traded to “The Land of Canaan Vacation Resort” (#1034) south of Davis, West Virginia. What a great family resort. It was a long 11 hour trip from the Toronto area but worth the drive. On site there was tennis, basketball, 18 hole mini putt, shuffleboard, horseshoes and heated outdoor pool with horseback riding, great golf (& skiing) virtually next door. It is situated in a valley in the Eastern part of West Virginia. We visited small historic communities and the “Smoke Hole Caverns”. There are vintage railroad excursions, Seneca Indian caves and Good restaurants within easy driving. Our daughter and family (2 preschoolers) joined us for a busy, friendly week with lots of waterfalls, wildlife and forest trails. We were in the only part of the 40 unit complex that still need to be refurbished but it was spacious for 4 adults and 2 kids. Pat and George Shartzenhauer

We traveled to Fernwood Resort – Bushkill, PA and had a wonderful holiday. That is two we have done now, the first to West Virginia (Shenandoah Valley) and we have enjoyed both!!! Great job – great resorts!!!! Looking forward to our next holiday.

Wendy and Rick Neal

In the 2006 Spring Newsletter

Congratulations Louise and Jerome Boyer! You are the WINNERS of a $50.00 Dinner voucher at a restaurant of your choice. We love to hear from our members. Just mail, fax or e-mail letting us know about your vacation and we will enter your name into the draw. You too may be treated to dinner compliments of TARANOVA!

Mark, Mario and all the rest working out of Sol Tropical. You scored again!

Tom and Linda came back with rave reviews about their trips with you and all the help you gave them and their guests. …. Many Thanks from June and me. We hope to see you sometime in the near future. We support a little girl through the Christian Children’s Fund at the Roblealto Bible Home in San Jose. We would like to visit her there. Her name is Susan . She has had a rough life. Again, many thanks. Keep up the good public relations – it is always good to be able to say this to the people here. Bob and June Reid

In the 2005 Fall Newsletter

Congratulations Susan and Chris Pothiah! You are the WINNERS of a $50.00 Dinner Voucher at a restaurant of your choice. We love to hear from our members. Just mail, fax or e-mail letting us know about your vacation and we will enter your name into the draw. You too may be treated to dinner compliments of TARANOVA!


…We have moved back to our old stomping grounds after a ten year sojourn in Toronto. We are retired now and look forward to staying at one of TaraNova’s resorts in the near future. We are traveling to Ireland this fall through an exchange benefited by our TaraNova banked weeks. Thank you for a job well done. Ursula and James O’Connell

We have just returned from our Attitash location in New Hampshire and we had a terrific time. We arrived there after being a week in Quebec City at a Business Convention and really needed some relaxation time and Attitash was certainly the place to find it. We were traveling with Brian’s Mom who is 76 and she too had a fantastic time.

The resort and area had something for everyone. If we wanted something to do there was plenty to do and if we just wanted to lounge by the pool or in our unit we could do that as well and be quite happy.

That whole area of New Hampshire is breathtaking. We shopped till we dropped in North Conway; we took the lift up Attitash Mt.; took the Cog Train up Mt. Washington; did some “splorin” as Brian likes to call exploring; went on the Scenic Train ride out of North Conway; and drove over to Weirs lake for the Dinner/Dance Cruise. There were plenty of places to dine and just relax.

Yes, we were only there a week, did all of this and still came home relaxed, and drove to boot. Best of all, I got to laugh and relive the memories while writing this note to you about our trip. IT WAS AWESOME. Thanks to our TaraNova Staff for all of your help in getting us there.

Laura & Brian Boucher


We had another wonderful exchange this year with our TaraNova week at the Sharaton Vistana Resort in Orlando, Florida. My son, his wife, 4-year old son and their 3-month old daughter came with us. Also joining us were my parents from the UK. We were 4 generations. We all had a great time. Thanks again Susan Pothiah

Just wanted to say thanks for getting the RCI book out to me so quickly. I received it yesterday. Again, your time and patience is greatly appreciated.. Nishan Kuni

Spring of 2005

Congratulations Peter and Joan Harrison! You are the WINNERS of a $50.00 Dinner voucher at a restaurant of your choice. We love to hear from our members. Just mail, fax or e-mail letting us know about your vacation and we will enter your name into the draw. You too may be treated to dinner compliments of TARANOVA!

Hi Rosanne: ….via the CARE exchange, you arranged for a 2 bedroom townhouse for my family in the Jack Frost Resort, located in the Poconos region of Pennsylvania …… the townhouse was perfect. It was in very good condition, spacious and located in beautiful surroundings (part of a town house complex in a ski resort). We saw numerous deer on the property. We had access to a very large outdoor pool (2 minute drive from the townhouse) and numerous tennis courts. The resort was not busy at all and thus we had unlimited access to the tennis courts and pool. In addition, there was a jogging/exercise trail through the woods. The whole family, including our 7 and 10 year olds, ran this trail most mornings and cooled off after in the pool. The week was very relaxing. Thank you for arranging this for us. I also wanted to thank you for your assistance in booking a week in July at the TaraNova Myrtle Beach property. We are looking forward to it. I hope to book a 1 week stay at the TaraNova New Hampshire property during March Break of 2006. I will put my reservation in early. I assume that March Break is very busy; do you have any advice for me? Thanks again.


Note to Members: You may request your TaraNova week up to one year in advance. March Break, Christmas, New Years and the summer months are all highly requested times to travel, so get your request in early to reserve your desired week.

Hello Rosanne & Teresa:……..Greatly enjoyed our week at Tahoe Summit Village this year (despite the 79 steps to reach it). Keep up the good work! LYN DAVIDSON

We exchanged 3 weeks of our TaraNova Timeshare for 3 units at Coconut Palms Resort in Dominican Republic this year. As a Christmas gift we gave each of our children a week, then we joined them. The grandchildren who ranged in age from 2-10 had a ball. Mornings spent on the ocean beach digging and collecting, afternoons by the pool. It only took one day until we discovered “happy hour”. They loved the pineapple frothy drinks with the umbrella and pineapple chunks. The staff were excellent and facility was just what we were hoping, for our family holiday. The “”grands” want to know where WE are going next year!! It was a wonderful time to build family relationships and a trip we will all remember, thanks so much. SINCERELY, PETER & JOAN HARRISON

…..We finally obtained the 2004 Christmas week at Mont-Tromblant “Les Volieres”. The condo was bigger than my own house, the view on the lake, 2 balconies, heated floor….It was just amazing!!!! FRANCE LABERGE

RESORT REPORT on Imperialakes Florida. “We were near great shopping, close to Orlando, lots to see and do. Office staff was wonderful! We would certainly recommend this site to members!


In the October 2004 Newsletter:

…It is wonderful to see that some of the TaraNova resorts now have an International Distinction rating. Over the past few years we have had excellent trading power with our TaraNova week and have exchanged to some terrific resorts. This year my parents and sister, who live in the U.K., joined us in Florida at the Hilton SeaWorld and said it was the best vacation they had ever had. They have asked if they can join us again next year. Keep up the good work. Thank you. Susan Pothiah

Dear Rosanne,

….. Once again I would like to thank you for your professionalism and outstanding efforts. I will be sure to speak to you upon our return to give you feedback about the resorts. Yours truly, Leora Stoll

We have just returned from SeaWatch Myrtle Beach and we had a great time. The resort is close to the airport, there are so many things to do within walking distance of the resort – we had rented a car and didn’t use it. The beach area is beautiful. There are stores for shopping. Brian fished off the deck at the resort while I lounged around the pool and deck area. The staff at the resort was great. The restaurants in the area, again within walking distance, were terrific. We had a wonderful relaxing vacation and will definitely return. Laura & Brian Bougher

We have just returned from spending Easter Week at Tahoe Summit Village and must say that out of the 5 TaraNova properties we feel it is the nicest, the view is great (in spite of the 77 steps). Chrissy in the office was very pleasant and helpful and even though we don’t ski there was plenty to see and do. We drove around the Lake, visited Reno, Carson City, Virginia City, went up the Heavenly Gondola and of course visited the casinos in Stateline. As it was still cool in the evenings, we enjoyed having the fireplace. There is a local shuttle bus that stops outside the property every hour that takes you down to the casino/restaurant area. Mary and Brian Hambly

Dear Teresa:

Doreen and I just returned from three weeks at Villas Palmas, and wanted you to know how much we enjoyed our stay. The accommodations were excellent four of us shared a unit for 8, so you can imagine we had plenty of room. While the outsides of the units are looking a bit "tired"* (flaking paint etc.) the insides were certainly adequate and provided us with an excellent base from which to operate during our stay in Costa Rica. Together with the tours we took through Sol Tropical, and a visit to the north of Costa Rica at Cano Negro (near the Nicaragua border) courtesy of friends, and a few days at Manuel Antonio, we saw a great deal of the country. The staff at the resort was absolutely excellent. Prompt and courteous responses were always available to our many questions. One of the activities we really enjoyed was a barbeque, with entertainment, on one of the Friday evenings. The event was catered by the staff (Marta) and was really an enjoyable evening. The tours we took with Sol Tropical were great. The staff, Arturo, Mario and Jason did a great job (….….*)I am quite sure we will return to Costa Rica and will probably look at spending time in a more traditional vacation resort on the beach in Guanacaste on the Northwest Pacific coast. It was a great holiday. Thanks for your part in it. Mitch Philip
April 2004 Newsletter

Dear Julie:

We just arrived home from Florida and wanted to take the time to tell you what a great place Imperial Lakes is. We enjoyed our stay; the unit was very specious in a pretty area, with all the amenities close by. The pool was warm and there was lots of room around for everyone. As a new owner at TaraNova, I was really impressed with our unit and we look forward to trying out the other resorts. We are planning a trip to San Francisco next year and we may just spend a week at the Tahoe Resort. Again, thanks for helping make our holiday easy to enjoy.

Dear Rosanne:

Trust you had a great holiday and Happy New Year. Don and I had a wonderful holiday in Orlando. There was so much to do and we loved the Embassy Resort at Lake Bryan. It suited us perfectly. Our son, daughter-in-law and two grandsons (2yr. And 7 mo.) joined us. The three-bedroom condo was superb – quite new, clean, beautiful décor and secure. They even came in midweek and cleaned the unit. We used the pool and hot tub, and children’s playground. The people there were very accommodating. December was a great time to go – not too busy at Disney and Universal or the golf courses. We played lots of golf and got some good rates. Of course the weather helped make the week great – high 60’s and 70’s – perfect for us. Thanks for your work in booking it for us. ……….. Thanks again, Donna KinchSincerely Yours, Carol Lantz

Dear Teresa and Rosanne:

We all had a great time touring around Costa Rica. We went to "Arenal Volcano and Tabacon Hot Springs Resort". We also saw the "Poas Volcano" and the Irazu Volcano". We went hiking and swimming at Manual Antonio National Park. The condo-townhouse unit is very large and spacious. This unit is probably larger than my house. The people in the office and cleaning the units in the resort are very friendly and helpful.

We hope that we will return to San Jose Costa Rica because there is so much to see and do.

Dear Rosanne:

……… We were happy to see the upgrades in unit 6L Attitash this September on our visit to New Hampshire. The management was very busy with construction of a water system for snowmaking and the indoor pool was closed for repair - all in the interest of progress! Hope the club has another good year? Sincerely, Joanne & Terry Whelan

Jan Rockett Preston
April 2000 Newsletter
"Dear Members of the Club: This note is just to express our happiness at being members of TaraNova. Since we joined the Club, about five years ago, we had the chance to travel a lot. We first traveled to New Hampshire at Attitash. We enjoyed golfing and hiking the week of July 1. The following year, we drove to Florida and stayed at the Imperial Lakes Resort. We visited Cypress Gardens and had fun at the Disney parks - that was in May and the weather was just perfect. For our third trip, we enjoyed visiting the Myrtle Beach area. We appreciated the 3-bedroom condo with a view on the water. The fourth year, we went back to New Hampshire for more shopping and canoeing. We finaally decided to benefit from our RCI membership in August 1998 and exchanged for a visit to California. The Pacific Coast is spectacular and we have excellent memories of our stay in Pacific Grove (next to Monerey.)... In addition to these trips, we went to Europe on a cruise, visited California on three occasions, and enjoyed short ski getaways in Northern Ontario. I guess we have enough "experience" as travelers to say that Taranova is an excellent Club. Reservation services from TaraNova were always excellent. The purchase of our 2-bedroom condo was a smart decision. We have no children but we always invite friends and relatives to spend a few days with us.... We thank you for your excellent work..."
Yours truly, Brigite Beaulieu & Claude Labrie
October 2003 Newsletter:

Dear TaraNova,

We don’t usually write letters, but in this case we had to make an exception. We just returned home from the best vacation of our lives. We were able to book a week through our friends who are members of TaraNova. We got an exchange through RCI and stayed in a beautiful condo in Orlando Florida called "Orange Lakes". It was absolutely breathtaking. We had a 3 bedroom unit that slept 12 people. With our family of 7 you can imagine how comfortable this was. My husband and I got our own room with our own bathroom (with Jacuzzi tub). Our bedroom overlooked the golf course and the unit itself was amazing. The resort had everything you could possibly want, clubhouse, swimming pools, volleyball courts, lake, golf, hot tubs, mini putt golf course (great for kids) and so much more. Being this relaxed and comfortable made the experience of our kids going to Disney all that much better. At the end of the long days at the parks, to have such a comfortable living space to come back to made all the difference. Further, the friendly service and hospitality of the resort did not go unnoticed and made us feel so welcome. Not to mention the money we saved by staying in a Condo instead of a hotel room. Every family should be lucky enough to travel this good. Thank you TaraNova for a lifetime memorable vacation! Regards, Vedran and Mira Hasaganic

Teresa Knapp, TaraNova,

On behalf of Christel House Canada we can’t even begin to thank you for your assistance on the Christel House Open Golf Tournament. Your generosity in sponsorship and donating your time were critical in the success of the Open. Your stellar participation reinforces how TaraNova is dedicated not only to providing your members with exceptional service but also dedicated to helping children around the world. On behalf of Christel House and particularly the children of Chistel House, Thank you for being number one! Yours truly, Steven C. Marks, Executive Director, Christel House Canada

To Teresa Knapp and TaraNova:

"National Register’s Who’s Who in Executives & Professionals whishes to extend its congratulations to Teresa Knapp, Executive Director of TaraNova on the inclusion in the 2003/2004 Edition of the National Register. The intent of the National Register is to announce that Teresa Knapp and TaraNova Vacation Club have reached a level of recognizable success in their respective field. This year’s edition will be registered at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C."
Spring 2003

…Having just returned from my second vacation week, this time in New Hampshire, I wanted to write to let you know how much I have enjoyed the first two years of this wonderful prize. In 2001 I took two sisters and three nieces for a "Girls Only" week in Florida and we all loved it. The rooms were more than spacious enough for the six of us and had amenities that we really appreciated, especially the fully equipped kitchen and the laundry room. We mentioned when checking in that we needed a crib for one of the children and before we had unloaded our suitcases someone was there to set up the crib. Our trip to New Hampshire was equally enjoyable. Again, we found the accommodations terrific, and were able to make use of many of the special features of the resort. Another thing I’ve been impressed with, in this world of lax or nonexistent customer service, is the friendly and helpful staff at TaraNova. Thank you Teresa and Rosanne. At the time I won the prize, I was more than a little skeptical. It seemed too good to be true. After two years I can finally relax and say, "As good as it sounds, the reality is even better!"
Regards, Karen O’Connor

Dear Teresa: I am certain that you receive letters from our members regarding the wonderful service that Rosanne provides to us all. She has always been very cheerful and willing to assist in any way she can. I would like to tell you what she had done for us……….You might very well be aware of this incident of ours but I want to recognize Rosanne by letting you know how grateful we are to her. She should be commended for her efforts.. She truly is a wonderful asset to your office and our vacation group. She should feel very proud of herself for the service she offers, as should everyone at TaraNova. Please let her know and thank you to everyone at TaraNova.

To Julie, Greetings: This is our Costa Rica Report!………..The staff at the Villas was most helpful and accommodating even to doing a small amount of clothes drying gratis and some dish washing when we left too early to do it ourselves. The tours were most rewarding and Marc, Mario and Arturo were excellent. Tours were as described and while the bus could have had softer seats the trips were entertaining and informative. We traveled to all of the "recommended" destinations and thoroughly enjoyed each one, although the trip to both volcanoes left us still wondering what the bottom of a crater looked like. We could spend a few hours again at Tabacon Hot springs, it was super! It is a great jumping off place for tours etc. and only a short ride into downtown san Jose where one could enjoy a memorable day or two at the central market. That’s it. Thanks for a great trip.

Richard and I are back from Seawatch Landing in Myrtle Beach. As always we enjoyed ourselves despite the rather cool temperatures on some of the days…..The staff at Seawatch are just as accommodating and pleasant to deal with as they always are and took great pains to get us a teapot for my parents who drink lots of tea! Thank you Rosanne for your patience when trying to find us a suitable week. This year we plan to book our week well in advance. Regards from both of us.

Eric and I had such a great time at Attitash Mountain, and it was our first visit, that we would really like to go again next year. The fall colours were just amazing let alone the hiking trails.

andra DiFalco and Eric LartzRichard and Glynis HarbourRegards, Dick & Isabell RandallSincerely, David Creamer

October 18, 1999
Dear TaraNova,
We have recently arrived back from a wonderful trip through France and Italy. After taking a leisurely drive through France, we stayed for a week in Mailibu Village at Canet-Plage. We had exchanged our 1998 TaraNova week, through RCI, for a spacious two-bedroom apartment in this delightful Mediterranean resort. Not only did we take full advantage of the beautiful pool and gardens at the resort as well as the nearby beaches but we were also able to spend time sight-seeing in the walled city of Carcassonne and the Catalan fortress at Salses. Late September is an ideal time to visit this area of France as the weather is warm (daytime temperature highs around 25C), the sea is perfect for swimming, most of the attractions are still open and the Summer crowds have left. The staff at Mailibu Village were very helpful and spoke excellent English and there was a small store on-site which had its own bakery, supplying fresh bread, croissants and pain au chocolat each morning!
In January, we plan to return for another week of skiing at the Attitash Mountain Resort in New Hampshire. We know that it will be a quite different but no less enjoyable than our week in France. We really appreciate the variety and flexibility given to us by our TaraNova ownership. Long may it continue! HILARY DANIELS AND JOHN HAYES


Dear Teresa: "We have just returned from northern California where we spent a most enjoyable week at Tahoe Summit Village. This resort provides a wonderful opportunity to experience the scenic beauty and the variety of activities available in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and beyond. Our unit in Tahoe Summit Village is spacious, fully equipped and well looked after. It provides views of the mountains and the valley below in Nevada from the highest point of the whole Village. It offers an activity centre, a lovely outdoor hot tub and a pool nearby. We enjoyed the scenic views and the fresh mountain air while walking the one-way traffic loop throughout the Village. There was plenty of space for our son and his two friends who joined us for most of the week. The staff at Tahoe Summit Village were very helpful thus adding to the pleasure of our stay.

The beauty of the Lake Tahoe Basin is spectacular. It is so unique to experience such a large and picturesque lake in the midst of mountains on all sides. South Lake Tahoe and Stateline offer nightlife and daytime activities of all types while the East and West Shoes are natural and untouched. Within a half hour one can be in Carson City, the capital of Nevada, or the Old West town of Virginia City., Less than an hour later the visitor can be traveling the wide streets of Reno or taking a chance in one of its impressive casinos.

We used our week at Tahoe Summit Village as a chance to spend another week exploring in an easterly direction. We included such places as: Sacramento, Napa Valley, the coastal drive and San Francisco. Each has plenty to see and do and makes for a memorable and exciting vacation.

Thank you TaraNova, for maintaining such a fine facility at Lake Tahoe. You are providing our members and many others with an opportunity to share in a most rewarding and unforgettable travel experience.

Yours sincerely, MURRAY AND TONI MAJOR


October 12, 1999

My husband, John, and I want to let you know what a fabulous time we had on our TaraNova vaction this year. We have just returned from celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary in Hawaii!! Thanks go to RCI for putting us in the beautiful "Bay Club" on the Big Island. When our plan landed in the airport at Kona, all we could see was lave-dark, depressing, baren-loking lava. We wondered what we had gotten ourselves into. As we drove our rented car the 18 miles to Waikoloa Villlage where the "Bay Club" was situated, we didn't feel any better. Miles and miles of lava-the highway right through it. Where will we end up?We could see some palm trees in the distance on the rugged coastline and the signs for hotels and resorts on the coast but where was Bay Club? Suddenly, in front of us was a beautiful driveway lined with grass and palm trees and a lovely sign that said Waikiloa Village. We drove in and couldn't believe all this beauty and lushness was right in the lava fields. As we later entered our condo we were more than pleased. It was very tastefully decorated "hawaii style", clean, luxurious and definately large enough. the lania (balcony) wrapped around the condo with two sets of sliding glass doors and offered a view of the pool, golf courses and mountains.
The staff was very helpful and we enjoyed many complimentary activities including an icecream social with live music, lei-making lessons, a welcome aloha party, and a Big Island breifing. The grounds were imaculate and floweres bloomed everywhere you looked. We constantly could smell the fragrance of th elumeria trees! Can you tell we fell in love with Hawaii??
We did a lot of sight-seeing and got a good taste of the culture and people of Hawaii. We treated ourselves to a few days at Waikiki Beach before flying home.
Mahalo (thank you) all for your wonderful service! We are proud to be TaraNova members and can't wait to see what adventure we will have in two years. Aloha.
John & Wilma Kloosterziel


October 7, 1999
Dear Rosanne:
It's now been a month since our last visit to Cancun and just wanted to drop you a note to comment about the accommodations you arranged at Casa Maya for us through the CARE programme (August 28 - September 4)
We were assigned a beautifl two bedroom unit with private balconines and a spectacular view of the Carribbean right from whereever you looked out. You had mentioned that you had stayed there many years ago and I'm pleased to say that although it was one of the first hotels built in Cancun, it's been kept fairly well and it is comparable to any other 5 star hotel standards. The unit was very spacious, cleanand good enough for 8 people. The location was on the quiet side of thehotel strip but we didn't mind that at all because if we felt like visiting other "noisier" parts of the city, buses were easily accessible just by crossing the street.
Being our third time in Cancun this year, we took it easy and had enough time to enjoy the hotel facilities including their private beach and two adult swimming pools, a children'ts swimming pool, fitness classes, bingo, a great restaurant, watersport rental equipment and friendly staff. The hotel is well geared to families so it suited us perfectly.
The time of the year was also very appropriate because school in Mexico and the US had alaready started the week before. The weather was hot and humid but not hotter than some of the hot and humid days we sometimes get in Canada.
In summary, if you're travelling with children, I would hightly recommend this hotel and would go back any time. if you wish to get addtional information about the area or saving tips for excursions and places (we've done most of them, including some cenotes), please feel free to E-mail me and I'll be more than happy to share them with you
thank you for your efforts and recommendations. Your professionalism in handling my request is greatly appreciated and I look forward to being in touch with you again for any future reservation. IBIS LAM


We joined TaraNova in 1993. It was the first Time Share we bought. Since then, we have purchased other weeks in the States and Canada, but nothing compares to the special attachment we have for Attitash. We have invited more family members and friends there than any other places we have been to. Through the years, we have enjoyed the many improvements to the resort.

One of our best memories is the Christmas just before year 2000; with temperatures below freezing, we were soaking in the hot tub outside while marveling at the big orange circle of the full moon. That same week, we dined at a fine restaurant in the area where the décor was quaint, the food great and the service impeccable.

For our family, Attitash is a place of tranquility where we get in touch with nature. For my husband and me, it is where we unwind; for our daughters, it is where they can ski, relax and shop in nearby North Conway. We have spent time there in all four seasons and each one has its charm. When we retire, we would like to move to the area because of the mountains, the simple lifestyle, the good food, the friendly people and the beauty of the environment…. Louise and Jerome Boyer

To Teresa:

By reading your TaraNotes Newsletter, I learned that it has been 15 years since you have become the Executive Director. Congratulations! Thank you for your beautiful work.

For us, we have been enjoying our program with TaraNova for the past 10 years, since November 1995. We hope to continue traveling for many more years as long as we maintain a very active life and are in good health.

By this present letter, we would like to indicate to you that our two daughters will eventually take over in order to enjoy more beautiful experiences. Caroline Marceau-Mailloux and Pascale Marceau

Ps: ….Would you please explain to us what this CARE (Co-operative Association of Resort Exchangers) can do for the members of TaraNova… in a future TaraNotes.

Dear Caroline and Pacale, please see page 2 of this newsletter for information on the CARE exchange and thank you for letting us know that this useful is important to you.