Over the years there have been many Social Meetings. These Social Gatherings are NOT sales meetings and they are organized by the Members for the Members. We thank TaraNova members Velma and Mac Walker for all their hard work in arranging the Social Gatherings held in the past. At times, a TaraNova representative may be in attendance to help answer general questions on how to best utilize a TaraNova membership. However, these meetings are mainly to meet other TaraNova Members. These gatherings offer a great time to enjoy meeting and learning from other members how to best use your membership; get the best holidays at the best places; and to learn from your fellow members about travel tips and challenges. Members have a wealth of knowledge and you may learn how to benefit from your multi-destination. If you are interested arranging a Social Meeting in your area, please contact the Club at

Should a member have specific questions with respect to their membership, please contact the Club to set up an appointment.


In the past Meetings have been announced for Spring/Summer. The Meetings have always been open to all members in good standing and the purpose was to review the Club's financial status and outline future plans. In order to avoid unnecessary costs, if less than 5% of the member base confirm their intent to attend, the meetings were cancelled. For more than 15 years, the meeting were not required, indicating Member satisfaction. The frequency of meetings may change depending on circumstances as per the Board's decision. TaraNova will announce to the members when the next meeting will be scheduled.

At any time, Members are invited to call the Club to arrange a meeting to discuss their membership and any questions they may have regarding TaraNova Vacation Club. Please note: Until further notice, meetings and communication will only be conducted through telephone, fax or email.