TaraNova Privileges!

There are many reasons why your involvement withTaraNova enhances your future vacations!

Here are just a few...

  1. A flexible club.
  2. Your membership ensures that you have a plan for the enjoyment of your future vacations.
  3. If you decide to travel at peak times (Christmas, New Years, March Break, Summer) there are no inflated accommodation prices. Your maintenance fee is the same whichever week of the year to decide to utilize.
  4. Members can elect to: use their vacation time, bank it with RCI for future use, give a week as a gift, lend it, rent it, Will it in their estate, or sell it.
  5. You can select to have a voice in the operations and functions of the club.
  6. Your Resort Destination each year is only a matter of where do you wish to go. You may reserve up to a year in advance and is subject to availability, so book early!
  7. Select, each year, the best time to vacation, at no additional cost.
  8. Need 1-2 weeks of vacation now, and over time you can add additional weeks as your needs grow, all at inflation-stopping prices.
  9. Combine your weeks through the RCI banking system and take multiple weeks.
  10. Travel to our family-friendly, fully equipped condos.
  11. Eat in and relax, or enjoy a night on the town.
  12. Share your vacation with friends or family members and enjoy the resort at no additional cost except your travel expenses.
  13. Enjoy vacation spots that are within driving distance.
  14. Experience our exotic location of Costa Rica.
  15. Exchange your vacation week(s) and travel the world.
  16. Pay one low fee for club dues each year. (RCI membership subject to RCI rules & fees)
  17. You can also Will your membership to your loved ones.
  18. Give a gift of a week's vacation to a loved one.
  19. For a small fee a Guest Certificate may be purchased for you to allow your friends and family a chance to enjoy a TaraNova resort, or rent it out.
  20. Contact one of our experienced club consultants whose sole function is to ensure your satisfaction.
  21. Receive regular e-mail Newsletters.
  22. Set up a Social Meeting and meet a whole new group of life-time friends.
  23. Become part of our large extended family where you can share your expertise and draw upon our member's vast experiences.

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