Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun

Double Your Pleasure - Double Your Fun

Many Members increase their vacation enjoyment by doubling up on vacation time. Some members start off with one or two weeks. But we all know that by the end of the first week of vacation time, you are just beginning to relax. Most members agree that the second and third weeks are the key to providing the maximum in relaxation and pleasure

Or your needs may be similar to many of our club's members, who enjoy traveling many times during the year. Multiple weeks provides them with variation, earned time off and just makes good economic sense. Unlike hotel rooms, your condo is your home away from home. No cramped quarters for you!

Put an end to the high cost of vacationing. Join our resort vacation plan for your future and enjoy the treasures the world has to offer!

The choice is yours.

Whatever your choice TaraNova is here to meet your needs and provide advice on what may serve you best.