Reservations & Banking


How to Vacation in Just the Right Location

All reservations and banking requests must be received by the Club in writing.
Please e-mail us at club; fax at 416-499-0231 or mail or deliver to TaraNova Vacation Club.

Membership name, number and contact information MUST be included with your request.

For TaraNova home-based resort requests, indicate your preferred location and date. It is advisable to request alternative dates and/or locations. Requests may be accepted one (1) year in advance of the check-in date and will be recorded as received based on Eastern Standard Time. (For more information please click on the section "Club Info" "Bulletin Board" - Did You Know #10)

For RCI banking requests, please specify the year and number of weeks you wish to deposit into your RCI weeks account. Request may be accepted for banking up to two (2) years in advance. Please see below for Important Banking Information. (POINTS members, please see the guidelines under "Exchanges" then click on "RCI" at the bottom of the page.)

Please note that AP weeks must use live future inventory and may not be available at the time of request of banking for either Credit or Exchange. AP weeks are limited. Availability will be at the sole discretion of TaraNova. Members must login to the AP program directly to request to deposit for List Program Credit or Exchange. Please contact TaraNova if you require any assistance in this matter.

** It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that the club receives your communication. If in doubt, please call the club to verify receipt. All requests must comply fully with the TaraNova Rights & Obligations and Rules and Regulations**

TaraNova reserves the right to withhold units from banking facilities in order to utilize the week for member requests and rentals.

Members are entitled to reserve or bank a 2-bedroom TaraNova unit. All weeks are floating and reservation or deposit is at the sole discretion of TaraNova. Any unit reserved by a member and then cancelled, and the member is still eligible to utilize a week for banking, will be provided with a different week that will be in line with the trading power for weeks then currently being deposited into members' RCI weeks accounts for that specific year and will be at the complete and sole discretion of TaraNova. Members are not entitled to a larger unit, however, if a larger unit is available TaraNova may be able to assist, but a larger unit cannot be guaranteed. No specific unit is guaranteed.

AP weeks must be Future Live Inventory and are limited. Weeks will be provided on a first come first serve basis. AP weeks cannot be cancelled through TaraNova. The Advantage Program may offer insurance for cancellation for an additional cost. Please contact Advantage Program directly for insurance information. LOGIN directly to your AP membership to request Deposit of Credit or Exchange Weeks. AP will contact TaraNova Customer Service to verify your request. AP weeks are deposited into your AP account and member must indicate if the week is for LIST PROGRAM CREDIT or EXCHANGE. The Credit Redemption weeks do not expire as long as member is current in their AP dues. The Exchange weeks expire 2 years from the date of the check-in date. Once the week has been designated for Credit or Exchange, the week CANNOT be transferred. (ie: A Credit week cannot be transferred to an Exchange week and vis-versa). If your membership is not renewed or it is cancelled, all CREDITS, deposited EXCHANGE WEEKS and all requests will be cancelled and all your rights pertaining to the Advantage membership will be forfeited. Limited Guest fees will apply for those guests not listed on the membership. However, you may add additional authorized users to your account. Authorized Users do not require a Guest Fee. For more information on AP please click on "Exchanges" and go to the bottom of the page and click on "AP". Information may also be found at "Club Info" Bulletin Board, Did You Know (#10 b).

If any additional "Bonus Weeks" or "Carry-Over Weeks" are available at a TaraNova resort, they may only be reserved within 364 days of check-in date. This gives the membership base the first ability to use their regular weeks for check in at their own resorts prior to any "other weeks" being utilized. Please see below for more information on Reservations & Banking.

Banking & Reservation Information

All requests MUST be made in writing to the club. Remember that dues must be paid before you send a request to bank or reserve a week. Requests received after or together with the payment will be processed. If payment has not been received, or your payment is post-dated, your request cannot be held, it will not be processed and it will be void. Please note that by sending your request by more than one method will compromise your date/time of request. Please send only one request either by: e-mail, OR fax, OR regular/delivered mail.

1. E-Mail Requests to reserve or Bank:

In order to ensure that the Club receives your requests to bank or reserve your TaraNova week by e-mail, please send to only one of the following e-mail addresses: or Sending a deposit or reservation request to both address will compromise your date/time of request. All inbound e-mails will be recorded at the time they are received and will be used as a record of receipt of request for those sent to ONE of the above email addresses. or

2. FAX:

Send your request to reserve or bank to our fax #416-499-0231. The time when we receive the fax, as per the record on our fax machine, is the time we use as a record for receipt of request. or


Send your request to reserve or bank to our office at 150 Consumers Road, Suite #401, Toronto, Ontario, M2J 1P9. The date of receipt will be the date we use as a record for receipt of request. (Canada Post, Couriers, Hand delivery).


Prepay your dues and request to bank up to 2 years in Advance to receive the best possible "Trade Power" through RCI.

The earlier you deposit your TaraNova week into RCI, the greater your Trade Power ("TP") will be! You may prepay your TaraNova dues and deposit a week into your RCI bank up to 2 years in advance to receive the best possible "TP" available at the time requested. Banking early has resulted in some members receiving 2-RCI weeks for their 1-TaraNova week. Some have "TP" left over for a last minute get-away or they have combined their weeks for a greater Trade Power.

There are NO SEARCH FEES with RCI, just the exchange fee. RCI will search for your desired vacation if you pay the exchange fee up front. By paying the Exchange Fee up front, you will be placed on a wait list and RCI will contact you if a potential match is found. If you do not accept any RCI matches, you may request that RCI refund your Exchange Fee Payment or initiate a new search.

To ensure all members have the same ability to receive the best Trade Power ("TP"), TaraNova has initiated a "wait list for deposits" for those members that prepay their dues and request to bank up to 2 years in advance during the first nine months of the current year. Your name will be added to the list as payment and requests are received. The highest value weeks have limited availability, and many members may request at the same time. TaraNova reserves the right to restrict member deposits to ensure that all prepaid members have the same access to RCI high priority weeks.

For Example: You may prepay your Future Dues* at any time. Once dues are paid, you may then request to bank your Future Week as early as January 1st, (two years in advance of the year you wish to deposit). However, please keep in mind that RCI only allows TaraNova to bank 2 years in advance to the day and currently the highest TP are weeks in the summer months, therefore a wait list is utilized for prepaid RCI requests.

*When prepaying dues, TaraNova will accept the current dues rate and should there be an increase for the year prepaid, TaraNova will invoice the member for the difference. Note: Members who prepay their dues must prepay all the years up to the year they wish to utilize. Member will be invoiced for any "increase" and payment will be due immediately.

It is important when sending your banking request to always specify the year you wish to bank. In order for TaraNova to deposit a week into your RCI account, your RCI account must be current. If you are prepaying and banking it is important to ensure that your RCI membership covers the years in which you are banking. Once your prepayment and request (2 years in advance) to bank have been received by TaraNova, your name will automatically be placed on the wait list for the best weeks which would be deposited in September of the current year. Please be advised that you may only initiate an exchange request ONCE you have a week deposited into your RCI account. (TaraNova may estimate, but cannot guarantee the value that RCI will assign any given week.)

Additional Expiring RCI Weeks Available

If you need additional "TP" in your RCI account. Contact TaraNova! We have "expiring RCI weeks" available for as low as $99.00USD* which may be combined with your current RCI banked week(s) to increase your Trade Power. Available only while supplies last.

*The fee will be determined by the TP and the expiry date of the RCI week.


Please visit for all the benefits and features of your RCI membership including "Specials" offered by RCI throughout the year!