TaraNova Advantage Service Program - (TAP)

TaraNova Vacation Club is very excited to introduce and announce the launch of the NEW "TaraNova Advantage Service Program" (TAP).

Because you are a loyal member of TaraNova, you were automatically registered for this new and exciting program. This registration will be yours to use for FREE for a 6-month trial period.

It is a great Loyalty Reward Program that includes earning and redemption options. TaraNova members will receive their own personal TAP membership number to either sign in on-line, or call for personalized service.

When using this program, TaraNova members benefit from receiving travel credits that may be used on their next travel destination or to redeem in CASH. Look for the offered Lowest Price Guarantee!*

Some of the benefits TAP offers are:

  • Advantage Weeks®
  • Quick Weeks®
  • Hotel Stays, Castles, Bed & Breakfasts, Apartments, Villas and Vacation Homes
  • Cruises (Ocean, Sea and River)
  • Yachts
  • Tour Packages
  • Custom Vacations (Vacation Your Way)
  • Sports Travel Packages
  • Destination Activities
  • Car Rentals
  • Golf
  • Airfare
  • "Concierge Corner"
  • Limited exchange weeks

This program may not be available again. After the FREE 6-month trial period, this TAP cost to continue is currently ONLY $ 149.00 USD per year.

TaraNova members do not have to give up their RCI membership. This new TAP can be in addition to RCI or stand alone with your TaraNova membership. The program pricing is in USD currency only. *There is a "currency convertor" on the site for comparisons as there is a Lowest Price Guarantee offering Double the Difference Back on many of the reservations. Under the 6-month free membership, you will be able to learn the details on all aspects of this new TAP program before you even use it! TAP weeks may be available up to 2 years in advance. Please note that TAP weeks must use "Live Future Inventory" and may not be available at the time of request of banking for either Credit or Exchange. Just LOGIN to the TAP program directly www.advantageprogram.net to request to deposit for Credit or Exchange. TAP will verify your request with TaraNova Customer Service. Limited Guest fees will apply for those guests not listed on the membership. However, you may add additional authorized users to your account. Authorized Users do not require a Guest Fee.

For More information please contact Rosanne Guanabara by phone or email at: 416-499-8600 or 1-800-914-2582 ext 30 - email: rosanne@taranova.com

For TAP Credit & Exchange procedures please see "Reservations & Bankings"

Direct contact to TAP: www.advantageprogram.net or 877-304-4604 (Toll-free from US or Canada)

Be sure to keep your eyes on your e-mail for upcoming announcements!

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