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Fall Issue: October 2010


Dear TaraNova Members:

It is that time of year when TaraNova members are preparing for their 2011 vacations. Many of our members have already confirmed their resort destinations and are well into planning their 2012 weeks. If you bank early, you will receive the highest trading power available to the week that is deposited. Many members have already prepaid their future dues and have deposited their weeks into the RCI bank and now have the ability to request vacations two years in advance. RCI is updating their exchange system and hopefully, within the next few months, enhancements to the RCI exchange program will be available to all RCI members. Look for and read all the announcements and information from RCI.

Your management team, together with the Board, has been very busy reviewing financial statements and budget concerns. We are very pleased that for the 3rd. year in a row, the maintenance fees will continue at the current rate. Our properties have been well maintained and our members have been able to enjoy our TaraNova resorts and also experience fantastic vacations throughout the RCI family of resorts. We value your input and we consider all concerns and recommendations when we are preparing the budget.

Look inside this newsletter for important dates and other TaraNova information. Please make sure you read the “Did You Know – Don’t Forget” attachment, which also provides the Projected Operating Cash Statement to the end of December 2010 and the budget for 2011.

Together with the TaraNova Vacation Club staff and your Board of Governors, I wish you a healthy, happy New Year and thank you for your continued support of TaraNova Vacation Club.

Regards, Teresa Knapp

TaraNova Members Control the Club

Your Board of Governors exercises jurisdiction over and ultimately controls not only your resort properties, but approves the annual budget and fully understands how the Club is managed. Every year two Board Members are elected to a three-year term to ensure continuity of experience. There will be two vacancies on the Board for June 201l. The two Directors elected will serve for a 3-year term. Clarence Clark and Michael Sudbury have indicated they will seek re-election. All members in good standing may seek election. If you are interested in serving on the Board, please notify Teresa Knapp, in writing, prior to December 31, 2010. If there are more than two candidates running for election, a short bio outline on those seeking election will be distributed in the spring mailing along with an election ballot.


October 2010 will be the LAST AUTOMATICALLY MAILED edition of "TaraNotes", "Did you Know" and other important enclosures.

All of the above will be posted on our webesite at www.taranova.com for your viewing at any time.

In order to control expenses and to further help the environment, any members that wish to have a printed copy of any of the above information, must send in a written request EACH TIME along with a self addressed, stamped envelope. Once we have received your request with your stamped envelope, we will send the requested items. Please remember that we have two (2) newsletters a year (fall & spring).

In order to ensure that you receive all the important TaraNova information, please either provide us with an e-mail address, check our website, or send a request as noted above.


We have again been advised there are companies contacting our members stating they have purchasers for TaraNova memberships. Our members have been sent what appears to be “Official Documentation” of a Purchase Offer. Our members were asked to submit funds to cover the transfer and other costs, which costs were well in excess of the TaraNova transfer fee.

TaraNova strongly recommends that you check with your Club before agreeing to any conditions pertaining to a Sale or Transfer of your membership from an outside source. TaraNova does NOT provide membership information to any marketing company. Many of these companies are purchasing your membership information, e-mail, telephone and home addresses from other sources including resorts that you have checked into and provided your personal information.

If a company contacts you with an offer, especially one that sounds too good to be true, it probably is not a true offer. Please check out the company. It may be in your best interests to have your lawyer look over any contracts. Many of these companies have operated under different names and many are under investigation in their local jurisdictions. It may be in your best interest to refrain from doing business unless you can verify their legal status. If they do have an offer, please ask them to send the bona fide offer to TaraNova directly. We will gladly assist them with any transfer they may legitimately have.

TaraNova does not allow corporations to take over a membership. It must be in a personal name as many companies close down and the Club would have no recourse to ensure that the maintenance fees are paid, which would negatively impact the financial status of the Club. We require photo ID before any transfer may be completed. Do not send any funds upfront until you check with TaraNova. Until TaraNova approves the new member, the membership will stay in your possession and you will still have all the benefits and obligations pertaining to the membership. Payment to these companies and signing their transfer or purchase agreements does not release you from any TaraNova obligations. Our “TaraNova” transfer papers must be duly executed and approved by TaraNova before a transfer may occur.

Your TaraNova membership is yours to sell. However, TaraNova must be able to ensure that the new purchaser has the resources to continue with the membership for the full term. We have transferred many memberships to family, friends and other individuals, once we are confident they are willing to assume both the benefits and the obligations of the membership.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact TaraNova.

Congratulations! Robert & Gail Marshall are the WINNERS of a Week (free maintenance) deposited into their RCI account to be used within the next year. We love to hear from our members. Just mail, fax or e-mail letting us know about your vacation and we will enter your name into the draw. You too may also enjoy a week compliments of TARANOVA!

Here are some letters from our members that visited our Myrtle Beach Resort “SeaWatch Landing”

I wanted to write to you and let you know how grateful I am for everything your team has done for me and to tell you that I had the best vacation ever.

I only joined the club a year ago and the girls in the office were fabulous helping me arrange my trip and understanding how everything works. I took my first Time Share trip to Myrtle Beach in July. Because I had two weeks, i was able to plan a family vacation using 2 rooms at the SeaWatch. I have never had the opportunity to take my grandchildren anywhere outside Ontario, but because of the low cost of the accommodation, and the fact that the property is within driving distance, I was able to do so. I took my son, his wife, and 3 grandchildren, and my daughter's 4 children (she couldn't go as she just had another baby in July). The children ages 3 to 15 have never traveled outside Ontario. Very often during the week of our stay, my heart burst with joy. The look on their faces when they first entered their rooms at SeaWatch was priceless and brought immense JOY to my heart. Their first splash in the ocean and the joy and pleasure that was apparent in their faces and their actions, again brought tears to my eyes. My grandchildren may never again be able to travel with me or their parents so I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for your help and for having a fabulous property in Myrtle Beach that offered my family an opportunity they may never experience again. …

I can go on and on about what a great time everyone had, but I will stop now. I just wanted to share our experience with you all and again say thank you. I must soon decide what to do next summer, and look forward to the assistance I know your team will provide when I am ready to discuss options. Because I bought this timeshare from TaraNova, I was given the JOY every grand-parent deserves. Seeing pleasure, joy, awe on the faces of those we love.

Thank you. Pam Caldwell

Dear Rosanne & Teresa: We had a great time in “Myrtle Beach. We stayed in unit #403 which has three bedrooms and is very close to the size of the bungalow what we live in. My sister was very impressed with this unit! She would like to bring her husband next time. We would all like to go back there again in a couple of years. The people running this resort are so friendly!

There is so much to do in Myrtle Beach. We went to an area of shops called “Broadway On the Beach”. We also went to the “Palace Theatre” which is right beside “Broadway on The Beach”. We saw a live show called “Le Grand Cirque Adrenaline”. This show is amazing! We also went to Murrell’s Inlet and walked along the pier. There is also a pier near our resort, which has two bands playing every night plus fireworks. Since it was so hot, we went swimming everyday, either in the pool or in the ocean. (The water was so warm, like bath water!). We all look forward in returning to this resort during the summer of 2012.

Sincerely yours, Carol Lantz and John Stewart

Hi There: …I'd like to tell you about SeaWatch Landing in South Myrtle Beach. We were very pleased with the 3 bedroom unit which had 2 full baths plus a 2 piece, full kitchen & a dining room. Also, the large master bedroom had it's own sitting room & TV. It would be great for a family. I noticed there was an arcade close by, souvenir shops & some restaurants too but the area is seasonal so most venues were still closed for the winter & were opening in a few weeks. Grocery shopping (lots of bargains), & very nice restaurants were a 5 minute drive up the road. We enjoyed walks on the beach, (a 5 minute walk away), cycling in the area & just relaxing. (If you call watching the Olympics & cheering for our athletes relaxing). The weather was not the greatest but you can't do anything about that & besides, it's crazy all over this year. We were prepared for anything, but sadly, the shorts & sandals didn't get to see the light of day this time. Marilyn & Ron Lott


By paying your dues promptly, you assist in maintaining TaraNova as a healthy, strong and viable club that will provide years of enjoyment for you, your family and guests. The health of the club depends directly on the members. TaraNova reviews its inventory base to ensure that each member receives the weeks they are entitled to use. In order to protect the member base and to keep maintenance fees at the lowest possible rate, ALL members must pay their designated portion of the Maintenance Fees. If one does not pay, it puts a burden on the balance of the membership.


Fall & winter office hours are Mon-Fri 8:00am–4:00pm Closed weekends and holidays. TaraNova is not responsible for Canada Post or other delivery systems. Dues must be received by the Club on or before Nov 1st Cheques & Money Orders are payable in US funds to TaraNova Vacation Club. Many members write “US funds” on their cheque. Please verify with your bank to find out if they offer this service to you. TaraNova does not have facilities to provide on-line payments.

We have many members with the same last names. Please ensure your name AND membership # is on your payment or it may not be processed to your account.

TaraNova currently accepts maintenance fees by VISA, MasterCard or American Express. TaraNova has Canadian Merchant Credit Card facilities therefore credit card payments must be in Canadian dollars. Credit Card Payments must be received with written authorization indicating the Canadian amount to be processed and your pertinent credit card information.

Any payments in Canadian dollars (credit cards, cash & cheques) must be converted at the TaraNova rate of exchange that is significantly higher than the bank rate. Please do not remit Canadian funds until you have verified the amount with one of our customer service representatives. (Dues are payable in US funds. We offer the ability to pay in Canadian funds as a convenience only. This service may be discontinued without notice.)

PREPAID DUES: The maintenance fees did not increase for 2011; therefore members that fully prepaid 2011 dues will NOT receive an invoice.


  1. November 1, 2010 your 2011 Maintenance Fees are due. Late fees and interest will accrue for payments received after November 1.
  2. November 15, 2010 LAST DAY to bank 2010 week into RCI or you will lose your week.
  3. December 31, 2010 last day to advise the club if
    you would like to seek election to the Board.

The office is extremely busy at this time of year processing payments and vacation requests. Please contact Member Services to arrange for an appointment if you wish to discuss vacation plans or your membership. Our Customer Service Personnel will be happy to meet with you to assist you in all your TaraNova needs.

We want to keep your contact information current. Make sure to notify us in writing of any change in your e-mail, residential address and telephone numbers.

In order to ensure that we provide the best possible customer service, members must send any changes, transfers, contract questions, vacation and banking requests, or any other TaraNova concerns in writing to the Club.


150 Consumers Road www.taranova.com Telephone: (416) 499-8600

Suite 401 club @taranova.com Fax: (416) 499-0231

Toronto, Ontario M2J 1P9 Toll Free: 1-800-914-CLU

TaraNotes Spring 2010