Dear TaraNova Members:

Maintenance Fees for the coming year are due on or before December 1st of the current year. If you have not already paid your fees, invoices are deemed to be mailed no later than October 31 of each year. Please contact the Club if you require a copy of your invoice.

Remember that the earlier you pay your dues, the earlier you may request to bank your week into the RCI system, and benefit from a higher valued week for trade.

Important: If you have changed your address in the last year, please be sure to email the club with your current mailing address.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to increased incidents of fraudulent cash transactions, and to protect the safety of our staff, we do not accept cash at the head office. Please send in your payments by on a USD cheque on USD cheque account, money order or bank draft. If you wish to pay in Canadian Dollars, please contact the club to verify the amount which then may be paid either by a Canadian Credit Card or Canadian cheque. TaraNova Maintenance Fees are invoiced and payable in US funds. The Bank has advised TaraNova that they can no longer accept Canadian cheques with USD written on them. This is a new electronic automated process the banks have implemented.

The "TaraNova Rate of Currency Exchange" is much higher than the bank rate and may fluctuate. We offer credit card payment options as a convenience only Our credit card merchant account processes only Canadian Dollars. If you have any type of credit card, the credit card amounts may only be processed in Canadian dollars, which will result in a much higher currency exchange cost to you.

We cannot process any credit card in US currency. All transactions/charged on any credit card will be processed in Canadian funds at the TaraNova exchange rate.

A reminder to members that have NOT used or banked their current year week with RCI - you must advise the club in writing, what you want to do with the week before the cut off deadline of November 15 each and every year or the week will be lost.

** The offer to accept payment by credit card may be discontinued at any time without notice.


Contact: club@ taranova.com 416-499-8600 for all reservations, requests to bank, change of address and any
TaraNova related member service inquires.



We would like to offer you a way to protect your well-deserved, hard earned vacation by simply prepaying a nominal cancellation fee per each confirmed week. You will then be protected from losing your TaraNova* week regardless of the circumstances. By prepaying the fee you may then CANCEL your week for ANY REASON at ANY TIME with no extra costs. You can even cancel right up to the day of check-in and not lose your week! You will have the ability to utilize your substituted week within 12 months from the day of cancellation, either at a TaraNova Resort** or you may bank a week into RCI**.

The fee is non-refundable, and must be received by the Club within 5 business days of confirmation of your reservation with written notice to accept the CAP or, the regular TaraNova cancellation policy will be in effect. This CAP is a trial and may not be offered for future reservations. TaraNova reserves the right to cancel or change this program at any time without warning subject only to honoring any CAP already confirmed. If a week is cancelled, and you are still eligible to deposit a week into your RCI account, at your written request a week will be deposited which will be in line with the trading power for weeks then currently being deposited into members RCI accounts for that specific year and will be at the complete and sole discretion of TaraNova.
* Available only for some designated TaraNova Resort units and CAP is not available for any exchanged units
**Subject to availability, TaraNova Rights & Obligations and RCI Terms, conditions and Fees.


At this time, TaraNova is offering members the ability to carry over their TaraNova week for one year. Please contact the Club for the current fee. The fee is non-refundable regardless if the week is utilized or not. The conditions of the Carry-Over weeks are as follows: Carry-Over week may be held over in TaraNova for one year only. The week has additional restrictions with respect to utilization. The week may not be reserved more than 364 days in advance and may not be used during prime time. (Prime time is Christmas/New Years, March break, at any resort and July & August in New Hampshire.) If for whatever reason you are not able to use your carry-over week, the week will be lost. However, in some cases, you may be able to carry it over another year for an additional fee. Please contact the club for details. All other TaraNova reservation rules and regulations apply. Please note that there is no guarantee that this offer will be available for future years' weeks, and may be discontinued at any time without notice.